About the CEO & Founder of The One-Eleven Network

Born in Los Angeles, California, Kandi Lee spent most of her childhood in Europe attending German schools. While living in Germany, Kandi Lee traveled across the continent speaking to groups about cultural awareness and bridging the gap between European and American cultures.

In 1998, Kandi Lee began her career as a corporate trainer with NOS Communications, where she personally trained, coached and mentored over 30,000 sales associates. As a corporate trainer Kandi Lee revolutionized her firm’s training program by incorporating multiple aspects of personal growth awareness with traditional training.

In 2004, Kandi Lee had a vision to start her own company. When she looked at her bank account Kandi had $1.11. Kandi Lee took the $1.11 and put it in an envelope under her pillow and from that moment on became a Maniac on a Mission. Immediately Kandi Lee felt both fear and excitement; she had a paradigm shift in the purpose and vision for her life. Kandi Lee decided that she would no longer be limited by her bank account. She made a commitment to make the best future possible for her daughter and took charge of her life. The One-Eleven Network began its prolific success.

Kandi Lee and The One-Eleven Network have been recognized for multiple awards including:Count Me In: Make Mine A Million Dollar Business Award; the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award and a finalist for the Greater Phoenix Area Chamber of Commerce Athena Award.

Kandi Lee has also been a featured guest on numerous television and radio programs across the globe including CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, AZ-TV 7, KVBC-Las Vegas, KSVY-Sonoma, SparkstheFlame, KUIK-AM 1360 and V101.1. Local, regional and national print publishing credits include: The American Cities Business Journals, LPI Multimedia Inc., Impact Magazine, Scottsdale-at-Work Magazine, Broker International, Airpark News, WomensPost.ca, Get Image Ready Magazine, The Healthy U TV Show – Cox Television and a featured article in More.com.

Despite her numerous awards and recognitions, Kandi Lee feels her biggest achievement is reaching these goals while being a single mom to her daughter Kaite. 

Due to Kandi Lee’s commitment to give back to humanity – Kandi Lee launched her own non-profit organization Free Lunch Friday which focuses on feeding the hungry.

The One-Eleven Network is a community based organization with a culture based on integrity and excellence.

CONTACT US TODAY: 562-436-7472 or Kandi@one-elevennetwork.com






Kandi Lee has over 20 years of experience in the personal growth, coaching, speaking and television fields. She has been mentored by some of the leading experts such as Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith, and Mark Victor Hansen to name a few. Kandi Lee is the CEO and founder of The One-Eleven Network which is a group of companies that provide coaching, speaking, training and a transformational radio and television network with various types of programming streaming globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kandi Lee has worked with individuals, teams, business professionals, executives and corporations across the United States to incorporate personal growth, accountability, success strategies to improve your personal and professional results. There are several products and services available that will help YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT NOW!!!

The One-Eleven Network is a coaching, speaking and training firm that combines personal and professional development, accountability and business strategies to coach clients to extraordinary results! We empower individuals and organizations with the tools and mindset to take both personal and professional results to the next level. One-Eleven Network goes beyond basic information to transform fundamental thought processes that both create and limit the world we live in.

Whether training corporate clients, speaking to thousands of participants or coaching entrepreneurs, The One-Eleven Network coaches clients to: 

Break through limiting beliefs

Think differently to create different results

Triumph over adversity

Step into personal power

Become a Maniac on a Mission

Now with the added media of TV and Radio, clients of The One-Eleven Network can now differentiate themselves from others in their industry by showing who they really are and be able to increase retention rates of clientele, attract new clientele, and create new business and personal relationships to create what clients want in their businesses. ​