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Activity Point Sheet

One of the biggest struggles entrepreneurs and business owners face is meeting multiple expectations at once.  Entrepreneurial minds often spend too much time doing a lot of activities.  What's the use of an activity if it doesn't keep your business on track as it’s extremely easy to lose sight of what activities are necessary to produce results?

Let us make your business easier with our Activity Point Sheet. What is the Activity Point Sheet, you ask?

Allow us to introduce one of our most valuable business development tools that will help you stay focused on the most important business activities so that you can stop overthinking and build more confidence.


Allow us to introduce one of our most valuable business development tools that will help you stay focused on the most important business activities so that you can stop overthinking and build more confidence.

The goal-oriented Activity Point Sheet helps business owners and entrepreneurs start the day off with a positive mindset, make the 1st step to getting better at sales and business development, stay focused on revenue generating activities ensuring they have a competitive advantage as they pursue their goals despite uncertainty, chaos, or distractions

Create a simple and uniform system with the help of our Activity Point Sheet by assigning a point value to every daily activity based on how important the activity is.  It’s a highly effective way to keep yourself motivated to work smarter without sacrificing success, focus on the activities needed to generate the greatest number of points for productivity, growth, and success! 


Digital Asset


Accountability Goal Sheet

Do you find it hard to stay on task or know the best way to set your goals because you don't have a system in place to achieve them?  If so, then make the first step towards success with this Accountability Goal Sheet!  

Today is the day you start to awaken the giant within! This Accountability Goal Sheet is tailored to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make an impact with their business. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, brewing up your first ideas, or starting to build your way to success - this Accountability Goal Sheet can help you build self-confidence, stay accountable for achieving your goals, and not settle for anything less than your best.  It not only helps with accountability, but it provides a summary version of what activities you need to focus on to achieve your goals over the long term based on specific measures determined by each one of your goals.

Entrepreneurs and business owners can use this Accountability Goal Sheet to keep motivated and on track with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans customized to your needs.  This Accountability Goal Sheet stimulates deeper thinking and self-analysis by connecting your ideas with milestones that reflect when a task that should be completed.   It also helps keep your motivation levels high because it’s fun to get everything written down, see your successes recorded so it becomes visible progress towards achieving business success.  


Digital Asset

Time Blocking Sheet

We know that everyone has their own way of managing their time.  Every entrepreneur and business owner have a lot on their plates, which makes it difficult to stay focused on key activities.  Our Time Blocking Worksheet is one of the most powerful time management business tools that will help you identify the top revenue-generating activities, manage your time effectively, prioritize activities in order of importance and save you lots of frustration.   Knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing every day gives a clearer perspective on how much time each task or activity should take.

Let’s work together to help you stay more productive, prioritize your top revenue generating activities, and hone your time management skills!  We created the Time Blocking Worksheet for entrepreneurs and business owners to make it easy to remain focused, achieve success so that you can:

Jeff-W_Kandi-Lee-29 copy.jpg

         -    Define the most important activities for your business.
        -     Prioritize these tasks in order of importance.
        -     Slice down the day into smaller segments to block off periods of focused time.

        -     Consider whether a particular task needs more time blocked off in your calendar.


Digital Asset

0Y4A3120 copy.jpg

One way to stay organized, have success in sales, and become a sales expert is to manage your customer leads with this Phone Call Log Sheet.  This quick and easy Phone Call Log Sheet can be accessed from anywhere at any time so that you can conveniently manage your time, stay in control of your sales leads, and secure more sales. ​


Every salesperson knows that things are hectic and that there never seems to be enough time in the day to keep track of all your sales leads. One thing you don't want is more clutter on your desks or counters, as this will only lead to getting overwhelmed and even forgetting what lead you were working on before!

We created our Phone Call Log Sheet to help you stay organized with all your sales leads, stay on top of all your sales calls, keep all your sales tasks and reminders in one place.  Our Phone Call Log Sheet is a valuable business development tool for any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to stay productive and get better in sales. 


Phone Call Log Sheets are a necessary evil. It's the entrepreneur who wants to be organized and stay on top of their sales game that usually benefits the most from these business development tools. This Phone Call Log Sheet offers a simple yet effective way for keeping track of all your customer leads in one place and helps you easily access the information you need at your fingertips.    It easily collects data to make sure you're not missing any information when you follow up with prospects and customers. Give yourself an edge by using this Phone Call Log Sheet and always be ready before every phone call or meeting, which will not only help improve your organization but also will enhance your sales success!


Call Sheet

Assessment Quiz

What's My  Communication Style?

Research shows that each of us develops a preference for communicating in a certain way, commonly referred to as a communication style. Understanding your communication style is an important first step in learning how to communicate effectively with others. The What’s My Communication Style Assessment provides entrepreneurs and business owners insight into their everyday communication with others so that they can build more confidence and collaboration.


Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 4.58.47 PM.png

What's My Communication Style starts with a self-assessment that takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be presented with 29 different statements and are asked to select the response that best represents the way you communicate.


There are four response options to each statement, and each response measures one of the four different communication styles. You will then be presented with a profile, detailing your total score for each style. This assessment is valuable for anyone who wants to discover more about becoming a better communicator themselves and helps you understand the various forms of communication and learn how to “flex” your own personal style to improve communication.


Based on the well-researched personality theories of Carl Jung, William M. Marston, and others, What's My Communication Style profoundly improves your interactions and relationships with others. When you take the assessment, you will learn your predominant communication style based on one of four communication styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate and Systematic. You will then review a detailed interpretation of your results where you will learn your style's inherent traits, strengths, and opportunities for growth.


With the self-paced online assessment, you’ll discover how to adapt your behavioral patterns in order to work more collaboratively with others. If you are familiar with the DISC-based assessments, you will find What's My Communication Style is a more practical and easy-to-understand alternative.  One of the best results is a tool that boosts individuals’ ability to improve the effectiveness of your communication in any situation.

The concept and basic dimensions of style date back to Carl Jung’s 1914 work (Jung, 1971). Jung was the first person to describe the traits of introversion and extraversion. Since then, many researchers have examined personality style and further developed Jung's ideas (e.g., Marston, 1979; Merrill & Reid, 1999; Schutz, 1966). One clear finding of this research is that the number of styles is not unlimited. Each individual is unique, but there are definite categorical commonalities. In fact, research indicates two basic dimensions of personality style, which we have chosen to refer to as assertiveness and expressiveness.

    Assertiveness is the effort that a person makes to influence or control the thoughts or actions of others. People who are assertive tell others how things should be and are task oriented, active, and confident. People who are less assertive ask others how things should be and are process oriented, deliberate, and attentive.

    Expressiveness is the effort that a person makes to control their emotions when relating to others. People who are expressive display their emotions and are versatile, sociable, and demonstrative. People who are less expressive control their emotions and are focused, independent, and private. 

Communication skills are critical for every entrepreneur and business owner that wants to thrive, particularly during challenging times.   You can dramatically improve communication skills by building a better understanding of your communication styles and their effect on others.   What’s My Communication Style is a proven process that will teach you how to communicate more effectively and know what works best so that every day is a successful one!

Online Training

Perfect Pitch Formula

Are you finding it difficult to Craft A Winning Sales Pitch for your product or service? Stop stressing about how to be successful in sales and let us show you how! The Craft A Winning Sales Pitch Formula is one of the best online sales training courses on the market.  This online training course will teach you everything you need to know about Crafting A Winning Sales Pitch so that you can become a sales expert.

One of the biggest fears that comes with Crafting A Winning Sales Pitch is that creativity will be stifled, and you will sound like a robot, but research has proven that successful salespeople that use well-written sales pitches regularly double their closing rates.  


The biggest myths in sales are that the best salespeople are natural born sellers.   This is simply not true.   The best salespeople have a formula that is repeatable and scalable.   That’s how they win new business over and over and stay on top of their sales game.

Sales training and coaching expert Kandi Lee will walk you through the proven sales pitch formula that's helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world, dramatically increase their sales success.  From open to close, Kandi Lee will cover the different components of the entire sales process from captivating your prospects attention, creating grabbing subject lines, communicating directly to your customers pain points, bridging the story of how your brand will solve your customers biggest pain points, connecting with your prospects, converting prospects into long term clients, and knowing how to close the sale.


The Craft A Winning Sales Pitch Formula is easy to understand, tailored for any sales situation and will help you turn your message into a powerful persuasive sales pitch that simply gets results.   Kandi Lee will take you step-by-step through this process of converting leads into clients.  It’s time for a winning strategy that ensures you stay on top of your sales game that guarantees success! 

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One-Eleven Inner Circle

Business Coaching.  Personal Growth.  Mastermind Group.  Accountability to Get Results.  Built for extraordinary entrepreneurs and business owners ready to take their business to the next level.  


The One-Eleven Inner Circle Mastermind Coaching Program was designed by Business Coach and Consultant, Kandi Lee, with the best of both worlds – personal growth and business coaching. 


Kandi Lee has been in the trenches with her own business journey starting from $1.11 and built to over 6-figures as one of today’s top producing business coaches tackling over 100,000 clients. 

Kandi Lee understands the power of an Inner Circle Mastermind Coaching Program.  That’s why she created this signature program that helps you identify what’s holding you back and how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!  This program is not just another business coaching program, it’s a no B.S., no hype program that will transform your business from the inside out.  If you are looking for a coaching program that will guarantee success, SIGN UP TODAY!

With a dedicated personal coaching team that won’t settle for anything less than your best, you will have live weekly coaching sessions, monthly masterclass trainings, world class online education, success topic worksheets, Private Facebook Group Invitation, Personal Online Training Portal, It’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless when it comes down to this incredible opportunity.

You have been given all the tools you need to succeed and now it’s time to take action!   With the dynamic combination of personal growth strategies and business coaching designed to identify the chokeholds to your success, implement a strategy to overcome them, generate new business, increase your profitability, master your success mindset, up level your sales game, hone your time management skills, be held accountable to succeed, Extraordinary Success Is The Only Option!


12 Months to Extraordinary

In today's digital age, an entrepreneur can't survive on their own.  As many of us know from experience, operating a business is challenging and requires full dedication.  We need motivation to keep going in times when we want to give up, support when we need answers without having to invest so much time searching for them in books or the internet—or simply someone who knows what it takes and has already been where you are now.

With the competitive nature of business, whether you are a new or established business having a 1:1 Business Coach is not a luxury anymore. 

Coaching Program

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 2.38.12 PM.png

 Just like Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson and the game of football had John Heisman, greatness would not have been possible without coaching. With over 30 years of experience, our coaching team is committed to work in partnership with you to become one of your most valuable company assets.   Our dedicated team of coaches will challenge you to perform at your highest level of success holding you accountable to hit your goals, allowing you to make the leap to extraordinary.

Your most valuable commodity is time, and your most valuable asset is YOU!  Before you can tackle goals in your business, you must first do the inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your obstacles, and your success.  Adding a One-Eleven Personal Coach is a winning combination that allows you to quickly identify the limiting beliefs holding you back from unlocking success, while having a dedicated personal coach at your fingertips ready to jump in to help you build your business!

Having a dedicated One-Eleven Network 1:1 Business Coach, is like having a pretend video camera pointed at you while operating your business, discovering what’s working and not working, so that you can shift, change, and transform your business from the inside out. Having 1:1 personal coaching allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to quickly get their goals with accountability and wisdom from an outsider's perspective. By working alongside your coach each week, you'll have the opportunity to take action on solving problems backed by an outside opinion - all while building a support system with one goal in mind: taking your company into its next phase of success.

Adding 1:1 Business Coaching To Your Business Is The Best Kept Secret:

Are you ready for this? This extremely successful business coaching program simply doesn't exist anywhere else.  IT IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY.  We only work with clients that are willing to take the time, put in the work, dedicate resources, apply themselves, perform at their highest level, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful.   So, if you are truly ready to awaken the giant within, Submit Your Application Today!

Let’s work together to create the business success you deserve NOW!!!


Corporate Training

Corporate and Speaking Logos .png

Training: Is the basis of any extraordinary success!


In order for anything great to be achieved you will need a team that is motivated, trained and dedicated to success. A corporate training program tailored to your company and teams’ specific needs leads to successful and focused employees who become valuable assets to their organizations as well as themselves. Empowering your employees through effective business training programs not only benefits both parties but also helps improve productivity, morale and ensures quality control from top down with an improved understanding at all levels of the organization. 


Kandi Lee is a professional speaker and trainer with over 30 years of distinguished experience. Kandi specializes in crafting customized training programs for small, medium, and large companies.

Kandi assisted hundreds of companies in the areas of Executive Management Training, Sales & Marketing Development, Productivity & Time Management Improvement Strategies, Leadership Development, Communication Skills, General Company Trainings for all Levels-from New Hire to CEO; Team Building Experiences as well as Internal Corporate Programs designed for company effectiveness.

The business-wise know Kandi not just as a corporate trainer, but as an entrepreneur, international speaker, and consultant who expertly trains their teams to generate success around the world. Her training programs offer participants access to time-tested secrets of corporate trainers from every industry.

Hire Kandi to Speak

Take a look at Kandi Lee’s personal mission statement: "When I speak, you will forget that chains of limitation put an anchor on your ambitions. You'll notice an immediate change in the way you view yourself, your goals and what you are capable of. You will be transformed from the inside out."


Kandi is an award-winning speaker, coach, and trainer. Her lifelong passion for personal development has led her to help transform countless lives through memorable presentations, coaching, and keynotes. Audiences of all ages relate to Kandi's life experiences as she shares the keys to building success that are essential in today's fast-paced business world.

Kandi Lee is your Professional Speaker! Hire her to speak at your event as she tailors her message according to the needs of your audience.


Speaking Request 

Corporate and Speaking Logos  copy.png

Topics include but are not limited to business, mindset, sales, marketing, communication, time management, leadership, relationships, and team building. Kandi Lee is absolutely one of today’s most engaging and motivating speakers that will deliver a powerful and emotional message that leaves you wanting more while feeling empowered from the inside out.

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