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How To Close A Sale Effectively

This is all part of my series on how to close a sale pitch but it's important to also know how to close a sale effectively.

We are going to be diving into the third step of my top five ways to perfect your sales pitch because here's the deal, every single day when you wake up if you're a parent, if you’re boss, if you're just in life, you have to know how to get what you want in a successful way.

Let's recap the top ways to make sure we're on all the same page.

Captive your audience's attention

You've got to grab their attention and what does that mean?

For entrepreneurs and business owners, you've got to think about that. What is the best way for me to captivate my audience's attention? What's the best way for me to continue to captivate my current clients because you're not going to be able to close, or convert anybody into your products, or services until you actually captivate their attention.

Whether it's in the subject line of an email, whether it's in your message, whether it's in your copy, whether it's in your Facebook ad, or on Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Pinterest, whatever medium you use, the first thing that you've got to do is actually captivate, and grab someone's attention.

You've got between one and five seconds in order to captivate someone's attention.

It's got to be wonderful and unusual.

Communicate with your clients

You've got to communicate, but you've got to communicate in a different way.

There are basically four communication styles that are out there to know about. There is a dominant communication style: someone that's assertive, that likes to take charge, that wants things to be under control and be on time. Then you have someone that's analytical, that likes information, they like things to make sense, they want things to be organized in order.

And then you have the spirited people that are high energy, they need it to be fun, they need it to be something that they feel like they're going to be successful at.

But don't forget about those with a more subdued communication style, someone that you know, likes to take their time in making a decision, they like it to feel familiar to them, they want to feel like they're liked, and cherished.

At any given moment, when you are in a sales process or communicating on a digital medium, you've got to consider all of those communication styles, and you've got to be all four at the same time.

Because if you're an extraordinary communicator and an extraordinary leader, you're in the middle of all of those things.

So you can be dominant, you can take charge, you can be the softer side of seers, and communicate in such a way that you're going to resonate with that particular behavior style.

You've got to be fun!

What is the definition of communication? To successfully convey, or share an idea, feeling, or information.

Most people don't do that, most people don't even recognize that they're doing that.

Connect with your audience

You've got to connect from who you are, being true, and authentic to yourself. And you know what? People will feel that they will connect to you, they will start to like you, they'll start to like your products, and services.

You've got to speak to their pain points.

This is how they start to like you.

What is their pain point? Have you ever spent time thinking about what's keeping my clients up at night? What is it that they really need?

And remember that people buy for emotional reasons. They think with their heads and justify it with their hearts, but they will buy for emotional reasons, and they're not able to do that unless you connect with them.

It's not about shoving information down their throat.

What is it that your clients are feeling, and thinking, and longing for?

What is it that they need and how can you connect your story, your product, your service with their pain point?

You've got to speak to their pain point because when they get emotional and connected with you, you're really starting the sales process.

Because it's going to make a huge difference in your profitability, in your sales, and your business success.

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