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How To Get Better At Sales Calls

Are you ready to dive deeper into how to get better at sales calls? This is part of my series on learning how to sell effectively and today we're going to dive deeper into the selling process to continue to perfect our craft.

For the previous series that talks more about perfecting sales, the following posts can be found below. Each one identifies a different way to perfect a sales pitch that pairs perfectly together with the next. (This is a five-part series so be certain to check out the other three before reading this one)

Tips for Converting Sales

Once you've connected and communicated and earned the trust of your customers, it's time to convert the sale.

You've taken the time to build relationship rapport, captivate your audience, communicate the way that they need to hear it, right?

You don't need to change who you are, just be more of yourself, be a better you.

How can they trust you if they don't know you, and like you?

But what happens if they give an objection about the sale? What do you do then?

You've got to stop drop and roll, and you've got to identify and overcome that objection right now.

It shows that you have confidence, and it shows that you believe in yourself, and you believe in the product.

The only thing that's left to do is convert them into becoming a buyer!

You're going to have an easy-breezy cover girl easy closing process because you've already built the foundation with that customer.

Be okay with the awkward silence when you're in the process of converting them and be okay with asking, “Hey, do you have any more questions? Before we talk about you know, how to get you signed up?

Be confident, but make sure that you actually have a pitch.

Don't wing it. It doesn't work.

There's something that you do better than anybody else, and there's only one you, and there will only ever be one you, but you've got to be able to communicate well with your clients!

When you have your pitch down, guess what? You can relax, you can be yourself, because not everybody's going to buy from you, and that's okay!

Not everybody is your client.

You've got to connect in a real authentic way so they can start to like you.

Then they can start trusting you because you're being vulnerable.

Once you can realize this and focus on this, you'll find that closing and converting sales will suddenly become a much easier and much more fun process.

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