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Our Programs Are For You If...

Kandi Lee | One-Eleven Network Coach
One-Eleven Network - X Mark 1

You're overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start

One-Eleven Network - X Mark 2

You're frustrated trying lots of different things but nothing seems to be working.

One-Eleven Network - X Mark 3

You're confused as to why other business owners are successful in their business and wonder what you're missing?

 One-Eleven Network - X Mark 4

You're disappointed because this isn't what you thought having your own business would be like.

One-Eleven Network - Clients Results Background

​Are You Ready For Results Like This?

Jeff Shaw | One-Eleven Network Client
Carolyn Vanzlow-Edgar | One-Eleven Network Client
Lara Sinanian | One-Eleven Network Client
Jan Miller | One-Eleven Network Client
Donna Milam | One-Eleven Network Client
Randy Laxson | One-Eleven Network Client
Anna Hensley | One-Eleven Network Client

we take together to make it happen! 

Our Signature Programs

The Inner Circle

"It all Started with $1.11"

Inner Circle Membership | One-Eleven Network
Pocket Coaching | One-Eleven Network

Pocket Coaching

Real Coaching In Real Time With Real Results

1:1 Coaching/Consulting

With Kandi Lee

1:1 Coaching/Consulting | One-Eleven Network
Hire Kandi To Speak Or Train | One-Eleven Network

Hire Kandi To Speak Or Train

Kandi Lee is a professional speaker and trainer with over 30 Years of distinguished experience.

Our Signature Online Trainings

The YES Challenge | One-Eleven Network

The YES Challenge

The 5 Step Formula To Get
Paid Everyday!

The Perfect Pitch Formula

Gain Clarity & Conviction So You Can Convert With Confidence!

The Perfect Pitch Formula | One-Eleven Network
80-20 Rule & Time Blocking | One-Eleven Network

80-20 Rule & Time Blocking

Learn to perfect the 80-20 Rule and
TimeBlocking with this amazing bundle!

The Secrets To Selling 2.0

Make 5 Figure Days Your New Normal

The Secrets To Selling 2.0 | One-Eleven Network

You Will Also Get Access To These Incredible Bonuses:

The Secret To Selling | One-Eleven Network

The Secret To Selling

The exact strategy on how my client went from $16K to $60K per month. Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you increased your sales by 275%?!

We're not just throwing out random, pie-in-the-sky numbers, either!

Create Your Unstoppable U.S.P | One-Eleven Network

Create Your Unstoppable U.S.P

Do you know how to build your own Unstoppable USP?? You will soon, because we've broken the entire process up for you in 6 easy steps!

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Community - Facebook Group | One-Eleven Network

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Community

An inclusive community for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are ready to excel into their 5, 6 and 7-figure legacies!!

The Yes Masterclass | One-Eleven Network

The YES Masterclass

Are you ready to attract your dream clients that say YES everyday, so that you can have a 6-7 Figure Business? 

What Clients Are Saying...

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