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Extraordinary Is Not An Accident

Are you ready to level up your business to 6-7 figures? Imagine a world where your business transforms into an unstoppable force, capturing the attention of your dream clients. We specialize in revolutionizing your business like nobody else can.
Say goodbye to
ordinary and hello to extraordinary! 

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$1.11 in our bank account & in the same year excelled to 6-figures, generating $100K in our biz (zero ads, zero lives, no fancy funnels) Then we took that $100K year and scaled to 7 Figures.
Get access to our Mindshift To Millions Program that takes you from income yo-yo into consistent cash months on repeat! 

We are passionately committed to creating mind-blowing RESULTS! As total CHANGE AGENTS, we've single-handedly generated a jaw-dropping $250 Million in Revenue, catapulted thousands of kickass businesses across diverse industries, and unleashed earth-shattering TRANSFORMATIONS for each and every one of our badass clients. Buckle up, because we're about to rock your world like you've never seen before!

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“Thank you Kandi for speaking at our lecture series for Building Rapport. Due to your generous time and efforts, you made it possible for several to experience valuable opportunities for enhancing their professional and personal development.”

Chris Kyselka
Associate Director

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"Kandi has consistently performed at a pace above and beyond what we expected and has produced huge results for Klemmer and Associates, Inc., both personally and professionally. Kandi is a powerful, highly experienced and motivated professional dedicated to producing bottom-line results and she is personally committed to supporting and contributing to our 100 million dollar company.”

Steve Hinton

Senior VP

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"Typically, after a motivational seminar, attendees enjoy a brief period of invigoration but fail to learn anything new that stays with them. For this reason, I am usually not impressed. However, I am impressed with you. The classes were effective. Not only did our employees find their spirits renewed immediately following the seminar, the things they learned have also caused an automatic, recurring source of enthusiasm and responsibility that has yielded incredible results."

James Clifford 

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“Kandi and her team are the ultimate business guru's. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and guides you to a resolution that works for you. She is energetic and you can't help but be drawn to her. Thanks Kandi.”

Kris Andresen 

Sales Director

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“Your presentation was PHENOMENAL! It made such an impact for several of our agents, who completed The One- Eleven Network/ Kandi's executive coaching program. Within 6 months of her program they have achieved and surpassed their professional and personal goals. Her training was clear, concise and impactful."

Rick VanDermyden 
Operating Partner

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“Kandi is uplifting and the perfect motivation for a company to meet their goals. She has an uncanny ability to identify the root of situations. She will inspire greatness for you and your team.” 

Mary Contreras



Craig Bumatay is a life and career coach, dream and goal manager, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and CPA. The mission of Craig Bumatay Coaching is to inspire and empower people to unlock their full potential, transform their lives, and turn their dreams into reality. 

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We are leading a community of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and if you're itching for success and ready to make six or even seven figures, the time is NOW! Just tap the irresistible links below and get ready for an extraordinary journey! Let's create history together!

One-Eleven Network | Pocket Coaching



Unlock your business potential with the ultimate pocket-sized coaching program that will change the game for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey - from seasoned pros to those just starting out Having Coach Kandi by your side will catapult your business success. Say goodbye to waiting and kickstart your journey towards success today! 

One-Eleven Network | Inner Circle Membership


Welcome to an extraordinary coaching program where the worlds of high-level proximity coaching and top-notch done for you tech services collide! Get ready for an unrivaled experience that will propel you towards incredible success! Trust us, this program is unlike anything you've ever encountered before! Your path to success begins right here, right now! 

One-Eleven Network | Online Trainings



No matter where you are in your journey, our extensive range of courses will help you discover a world of knowledge and growth. Whether you're seeking to shift your mindset, enhance your time management & communication abilities, polish your sales techniques, or be equipped with the skills to achieve greatness. We’ve got you covered! 


We're super excited to connect with all you determined business owners and entrepreneurs out there who are ready to take your ventures from startup to scale up!

Let us share a little bit about our journey. Back in the day, I (Kandi) was a broke single mom, feeling completely burnt out after spending a decade in the corporate sales and coaching world. That's when I made the big decision in 2004 to leave corporate America and start my own business!

With just a teeny tiny budget of $1.11 (yup, not a lot!), we embarked on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure in 2004. We had no leads, no fancy website, and not even business cards (crazy, right?).

But with sheer determination, our goal was to hit $100K in revenue in our first year. We had never achieved something like that before, but we believed in ourselves and our vision. Guess what? In our twelfth month, we almost reached it—$98,853.23 to be exact! And just the next month, *BOOM*, we crossed the $100K mark and went on to hit 7 figures in the following years.

Fast forward to 2019, we decided to embrace the online world to take our business to a global audience. Today, we serve clients both in person and online as a business coaching network.

We are the experts of transforming dreams into mind-blowing achievements. Whether you're a fiercely ambitious business owner or a go-getting entrepreneur, we've got your back! Our expertise lies in helping you build, launch, scale, or even skyrocket your business to unprecedented heights.

So, let's rock this journey together and rewrite your success story!

Kandi Lee and Kaytlinn Leigh
The Yes Masterclass Background
The Yes Masterclass

Learn How To Attract Yes Clients
Who Want To Pay You Daily!

Get instant access to the exact formula we used to create $100K in our first year
by attracting YES clients ready to pay!!! 

Here Are Just Some Of Our Client Results!

Kate Van Driel,  (Vice President, Private/Professional Banking Relationship Manager at National Bank of Arizona)

"Kandi is absolutely contagious"

Kandi definitely knows how to motivate others to drive positively and productive action. Her energy and enthusiasm are absolutely contagious

- Kate Van Driel,  (Vice President, Private/Professional Banking Relationship Manager at National Bank of Arizona)

Wave Design

"Kandi's skills and experience will serve to create dramatic, profitable results."

I attended Kandi's workshops multiple times over the course of a year. Kandi offers years of sales expertise, with a resourceful insight of strategic marketing methodologies. I have personally benefited a great deal from this. I am certain that Kandi's skills and experience, when linked with the vision of your company, will serve to create dramatic, profitable resutls.

- Chris Self,  (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chicago Title of Colorado)

- Chris Self,  (Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chicago Title of Colorado)

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From $1.11 to 6 Figures in 1 Year and 7 Figures by Year 4

Join our community where you can learn the exact steps for FREE (access to trainings, resources, freebies and strategies to soar you into 6-figures and beyond) PLUS you can promote entirely for FREE inside to get more leads and sales!

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