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HOW TO OVERCOME Your Chokeholds to SuccessKandi Lee
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Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Are you stuck in a Scarcity Mindset?

Do you live in constant fear of not having enough time? Enough money? Enough resources? Then it just might be that you've found yourself at a crossroads, friends. You can either let fear and doubt perpetually hinder you from breaking the vicious cycle of scarcity...or you can embrace the power of a positive mindset shift.

Reprogramming your mind to attract abundance rather than scarcity is the first step in overcoming obstacles standing in the way of you and becoming a successful entrepreneur, salesperson, manager, you name it. And our tried and true business coaching resources offered within The Inner Circle promise to equip you with the tools to do just that.


Membership to this exclusive program provides a unique combination of traditional business training and personal growth coaching that will enable you to bypass your roadblocks to success and develop the Millionaire Mindset necessary to get you where you need to go.

Our Coaching Team refuses to settle for anything less than

your best, take your business from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY! 

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Do You Feel Burdened And Pressured To Close More Sales and Make More Money?

Are you afraid of finding enough customers that will buy from you so that your business won’t fail, and you won’t have to go back to your job?

Inside The Inner Circle, we help entrepreneurs and business owners create an exceptional sales strategy and master value-based selling skills so that they can build a business that is strong, profitable and sustainable.

From crafting your winning sales pitch, creating irresistible offers, to pairing the story of your brand or product with your customer’s pain points, you can quickly grab your prospects attention to know and want more.   Then, use this opportunity to tell the story of your brand, which is a much more effective way to close the deal and generate loyal customers.

Learn how to overcome the CHOKEHOLDS to success with our proven business strategies.


Are your Communication Skills getting in the way of being a Good Leader?

If we know anything, it's that you can have all of the knowledge, experience, and drive in the world, but without good communication skills, your influence on others is drastically limited.

In order to effectively become a good leader, it's crucial that you are aware of your communication style and how it either prevents or aids in your ability to manage, inspire, and guide your team on the road to success.

When you join the Inner Circle, you will be provided with an impressive pool of resources that will allow you to tap into this awareness and use it to build the skills necessary to effectively communicate on all possible business fronts.


Whether it's with investors, executives, employees, or customers, we guarantee that in 30 days or less you will feel empowered with the confidence to effectively lead your team towards accomplishing any and all business goals.


we take together to make it happen! 

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Are You Drowning In Overwhelm?

Even the most intelligent, hardworking people have found that feelings of overwhelm and disorganization can actually prevent you from completing the tasks necessary to propel your business forward...and can even hinder you from starting those tasks in the first place.

Fortunately, handfuls upon handfuls of research point to a simple yet ground-breaking solution to overcoming these feelings: time-blocking.


Through the professional business coaching courses and masterclasses provided within the Inner Circle, we not only teach you the art of time-blocking but provide easy-to-implement strategies to help you apply this technique to gain much-deserved momentum in your business. In the end, you will feel empowered to improve your time management skills, increase sales efficiency, and optimize your productivity. In other words, you're going to learn to work smarter, not harder.

We are Passionately Committed to creating POWERFUL RESULTS and Causing Universal Change. As CHANGE AGENTS, we have been responsible for generating over $250 Million in Revenue, launching thousands of Businesses across Multiple Industries, and Creating MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION for every single one of our clients.  

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“Thank you Kandi for speaking at our lecture series for Building Rapport. Due to your generous time and efforts, you made it possible for several to experience valuable opportunities for enhancing their professional and personal development.”

Chris Kyselka
Associate Director

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"Kandi has consistently performed at a pace above and beyond what we expected and has produced huge results for Klemmer and Associates, Inc., both personally and professionally. Kandi is a powerful, highly experienced and motivated professional dedicated to producing bottom-line results and she is personally committed to supporting and contributing to our 100 million dollar company.”

Steve Hinton

Senior VP

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"Typically, after a motivational seminar, attendees enjoy a brief period of invigoration but fail to learn anything new that stays with them. For this reason, I am usually not impressed. However, I am impressed with you. The classes were effective. Not only did our employees find their spirits renewed immediately following the seminar, the things they learned have also caused an automatic, recurring source of enthusiasm and responsibility that has yielded incredible results."

James Clifford 

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“Kandi and her team are the ultimate business guru's. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly and guides you to a resolution that works for you. She is energetic and you can't help but be drawn to her. Thanks Kandi.”

Kris Andresen 

Sales Director


“Your presentation was PHENOMENAL! It made such an impact for several of our agents, who completed The One- Eleven Network/ Kandi's executive coaching program. Within 6 months of her program they have achieved and surpassed their professional and personal goals. Her training was clear, concise and impactful."

Rick VanDermyden 
Operating Partner

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“Kandi is uplifting and the perfect motivation for a company to meet their goals. She has an uncanny ability to identify the root of situations. She will inspire greatness for you and your team.” 

Mary Contreras


Ready To Attract Clients Who Want To Pay You Daily?

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Introducing The Yes Masterclass..

Get instant access to the exact formula we used to create $100K in our first year by attracting YES clients ready to pay!!! 

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Success Stories

"If I wasn't with One-Eleven I would have to give the woman of my dreams back and I have no intention of doing that. I would also probably have to give back a lot of the focus, the direction, the clarity,  and just the drive that I have for what I'm doing. One-Eleven helped me to take a plate full of stuff that just wasn't working, and eliminated most of the stuff on the plate, and focused on the stuff that was really working best, and now that's all I focus on."

Dave Sherman
- Dave Sherman Speaks

"When I met Kandi a couple of months ago, I had a goal of writing and publishing a book and as a result of getting started with One-Eleven and their coaching program. I got the book completed in three weeks and actually just finished our second book which is our follow-up book. When Kandi says "Extraordinary Is Not An Accident" she is right.. With the Right coaching and correct team behind you, anything is possible!" 

Kristi Lee

- Send Out Cards

"What would I have to give back personally if I didn't hire One-Eleven? All of this success that I had in the last year. I mean, basically, I quit my corporate job one month into One-Eleven and I had just a couple of accounts, it was just me doing the work, and now I have a company that has nineteen accounts, twenty-five employees, and currently the business is netting more than I was making in my corporate job."

Jeff Shaw

- Top To Bottom Cleaning

I was in a comfortable spot playing small and that did not serve the world so I challenged myself to actually take action and understand that the One-Eleven in here is like a one, plus one, plus one. It's their training, plus your dreams, and plus the actions that you are going to take, and that's really what I believe that creates One-Eleven that is when you are ready they're there for you."

Norma Strange
- RI Training

"What would I have to give back if I wouldn't have hired One-Eleven and what they have given me is I would be sitting in a cubicle doing a nine to five job, I did for eight years that I continually want to get out of, and if I wouldn't have went with One-Eleven I would be back there wondering what could I be doing, what business I could be working on, and growing."

Amanda and John Thomas
- Moxie Girl

"I felt like hiring a business coach was the exact thing that I needed to do to go to the next level. So it has opened many opportunities for me to create leaders in my business and One-Eleven has just opened my vision and my view as far as what is really out there and what I can have for myself and my family."

Lori Crespin
- Mary Kay Cosmetics

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